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In addition to our FBO network in Canada, Execaire offers executive flight support in Mauritania.

Our on-site team of dedicated flight support professionals offers the gold standard experience our customers demand, and have the deep local knowledge and expertise needed to avoid the inconveniences of international travel in West Africa. We take care of all the details, such as obtaining local permits, making ground handling arrangements, procuring services from trusted suppliers and escorting executive passengers and crew through customs and immigration.

Our services include:

  • Aircraft Flight Support and Supervision for Executive Aircraft and Ambulance Flights
  • Aircraft Fuel Supply, Catering and GHA services arranged and Permits Applied for
  • Airport Management and Representation for Passenger and Cargo Airlines
  • Passenger service acquisition, such as hotel booking, airport meet and greet and private transport services, personal protection services and local tours
  • Aviation Company Representation Services
  • Cargo and passenger GSA services

Moustapha El Kettab
Executive Flight Support Mauritania
Regional Manager Africa Operation
E-mail: Moustapha El Kettab
Tel: +222 20 24 99 75
Tel: +222 43 43 43 15

Operations (24 Hours)
E-mail: Operations
Tel: 1-888-789-2999