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At Execaire we deliver an unmatched and uncompromised commitment to operational safety, personal service, security and reliability. We judiciously manage your asset, paying close attention to every facet of its operation in order to maximize its value. It is this level of service that has kept Execaire at the forefront of the industry for the past 48 years and what continues to drive us in the future.

Our turn-key aircraft management services are built on the seven pillars of effective management services and the value it provides our clients.

  • Safety, Security and Privacy
  • Execaire's fleet has flown over 100,000,000 miles worldwide all while maintaining an impeccable safety record and has achieved the highest ratings from universally recognized outside auditing agencies including an ARGUS Platinum Rating and ISBAO Certification. Our very strict operating procedures have enabled us to command the lowest insurance rates in Canadian corporate aviation.

    At Execaire we make every effort to ensure the comfort and security of our clients and their guests. Within our major bases of operation we offer a private “VIP Lounge” for their exclusive use. The facilities offer every amenity needed to ensure the highest levels of service and safety extend far beyond simply the flight itself.
  • Service and Accessibility
  • 24/7/365... ...Execaire is always available. Our “Operations Centre” is staffed by the industries most experienced team with all reservations, dispatch and flight planning services provided in-house. With just one call, our qualified professionals ensure every request is handled with a personalized touch and planned with accuracy down to the minute. Any changes or last minute requests are executed with precision in a timely manner providing you and your guests' total peace of mind wherever you travel.
  • Flight Crew Operations
  • All Execaire crew train a minimum of once annually via full motion simulators from the industry's leading and most trusted training providers. We provide additional in-house enrichment training to further hone or crew member's skills.

    All flight crew members pass through and extensive screening process and must meet the highest of standards to be considered. Ownership is often involved in the process to ensure a seamless integration into their team. Our safety record, as recognized by an ARGUS Platinum Rating and IS-BAO Certification, stands as a testament and tribute to the Execaire Standard.
  • Maintenance
  • Execaire is a Transport Canada approved maintenance organization (AMO). We maintain independent Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) departments to ensure all work is performed to the highest standards. Our dedicated Authorized Maintenance Engineer (AME) structure further elevates the level of safety, service and proficiency.

    Execaire and its sister companies hold numerous authorized service designations.
  • Buying Power
  • Execaire and the IMP Group purchase over 100 million litres of fuel annually resulting in a significant fleet discount and providing our clients' substantial savings to the single largest expense associated with aircraft operations. Similar fleet discounts exist with flight crew training, insurance and outside maintenance services. It is a benefit not seen by smaller scale operations.
  • Charter
  • Our dedicated charter department is always available, whether it is third party charter to generate revenue onboard your aircraft to reduce operating costs, or supplementary lift in times of increased needs or maintenance, our department and large fleet of aircraft are standing by.
  • Administration
  • Simplicity and transparency is the key here. Execaire's state of the art eBilling system tracks every transaction associated with the aircraft while our Customer Care Portal provides real-time updates as to the status of the flight. Both systems are web-based and accessible at anytime, anywhere in the world with ownership controlling access.

    Operations (24 Hours)
    E-mail: Operations
    Tel: 1-888-789-2999